Best Dog Breeds

Have you ever wondered which the best dog breed to rear as pet is? Well, you are not alone. In choosing the best dog breeds to keep as pets, you are not only guaranteed of faithful lifelong companions but also new members of your family. Good dogs, just like most pets, offer unconditional love and affection, they help to reduce blood pressures and boost your personality. Indeed it is said that getting the right dog breed, is part of self-discovery.

Considerations in Choosing the Best Dog Breeds

best dog breeds

Decisions on which is the best breed of dog to keep as pet are normally made within the family context. This means that, the breed to be settled on must fit perfectly within the immediate family context. For instance, in a family where there are kids, the choice of the breed on mainly based on its friendliness to them. Therefore, before making that all important decision, consider the following:

• Family Composition
The size and the members of your family are important factors in selecting the best family dog breed. While most dogs actually get along nicely with kids, you want to make sure that the breed you chose is the most ideal for them. Unfriendly behavior towards kids can be dangerous and injurious.

• Your Home
Do you live within an apartment block or in your own house? How is the neighborhood? Dogs that are wont to bark anytime for no apparent reasons are not the best for a person living in an apartment. It is likely to become a nuisance to the neighbors. Also, for people living in cities and towns, a dog that only needs moderate exercise, like a short walk, is desirable.

• Dogs Independence Level
It is a fact that dogs are generally social animals, and naturally go in packs. However, there are specific characteristics of individual dog breeds. Some breeds are easily and readily independent, and can really be ideal for a busy person. They don’t literally hog for attention all the time.

• Allergies
Dogs trigger allergic reactions through their saliva, fur and dander. Depending on the breed, some dogs produce more of these than others. If you are a person who is allergic, you may want to consider the dog breeds that produce less.

• Constantly on the Move
If you are the kind of person who is constantly on the move, and looking for a dog companion, you sure would want a pet that will enjoy your travels with you. The ideal candidate would preferably be small in size, easy to carry and generally docile and calm. A restless dog can become a nightmare during such travels.

The Best Dog Breeds and Their Suitability

While there are no hard and fast rules on which dog breeds are absolutely the best, the following breeds rank highly depending on their suitability to the prevailing circumstances.

• Beagles and boxers
These dogs are excellent for little kids as they really enjoy playing. Their energies are tireless! Kids find them favorite as they are cheerful and exceedingly friendly. However, they do shed loads of fur and need constant brushing and bathing.

• Bulldogs
Their major strong point is that they are sturdy and generally calm. So, whether you live in an apartment or in a large house, the bulldogs perfectly fit in. Kids may also find them cute, although they are less playful.

• Yorkshire and Maltese
These breeds are small in size, very calm and the best ticket for people who literally live on the move. They are beautiful and amazingly easy to maintain. Their character is ordinarily described as strong.

• Newfoundland
They are best known for their kindness, gentleness and best temperament. Though they are enormous in size and built, their patience is legendary. Most suitable for families, as they can be trusted with kids. However, the price is paid in their high maintenance.

• Labrador Retriever
Their description fits the word classic in every aspect. They are loyal, friendly and energetic. They play hard, work hard and feed heavily. Their love and devotion, however, is humbling and disarming. They are generally very nice and intelligent.

All are Best Dog Breeds

The list on the best dog breeds is long and endless. If you choose to take every best dog breed out there, you would end up with so many of them. They are indeed man’s best friend! Determine your needs and what you are looking for in a dog- a companion, a comforter, a kid’s playmate- and you have limitless options.

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